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The Corona Chronicles - Shay

This week we catch up with fellow Bermudian, Shay. Funnily enough we met at a past retail job in London. As Bermudians are rare and are often mistaken for Bajan or Bahamian (any island with a B to be honest haha), I didn't believe that there could be another Bermudian in the same workspace - until I met her!

Since she's been in London, she has recently started a food blog called My Eager Eats. When catching up and shooting her Chronicle, we were treated to a tea time spread and it was divine - had some Bermudian Johnny bread as well! Check out her blog and try out her recipes at Keep reading to see her full Chronicle!



Designer/Photographer/Food blogger


M-SEW: Where did you grow up?

Shay: Bermuda

Where's your favourite place to live?

DC. I loved everything about Washington DC, The food, the bars and lounges. It was Truly Chocolate city back then.

What's your favourite spot in your house/room/space?

My balcony. It's the only outdoor space we have but we decided to liven it up a bit with some grass. I also have gotten into urban gardening a lot more.

What's the most surprising thing you learnt about yourself during lockdown?

Since I was made redundant in March, I've learned how much I actually poured into my work instead of my own goals. I am now able to be more consistent with my own projects and it's a plus to be able to take care of my little mini (daughter).

What new skills did you learn during lockdown?

I started a food blog called My Eager Eats in January but it wasn't until lockdown happened with I really started to take it more seriously especially with food photography. I am finally using one of my degrees. LOL. I also discovered a new hobby in cake decorating.

Have you changed during lockdown? How, if at all.

Yes and no. I believe with regards to being a new mum, yes. My priorities have changed A LOT, however I am still the same person, just with a new purpose.

Film: Original music by Aden Peets.

What’s your personal lockdown/WFH style?

I literally wore the same sets of shorts and tank tops the whole time with the occasional t-shirt. Get dressed for what?

What was your favourite book/film/song during lockdown?

To be honest, Aesop's Fables. lol I try to read them to my mini every night before bed. I think I enjoy bringing the characters to life. I also love watching NPR's Tiny Desk Series.

Who did you talk to the most during lockdown?

My Parents. They are the best.

Who’s your inspiration?

At the moment. Teyanna Taylor. Shes a whole wife and mum doing her thing and has her hands in so many projects.

What plans did you have that were cancelled thanks to Rona?

Nothing major to be honest. We had plans to go to Bermuda, My Daughters 1st Bday was affected but these things are minor compared to some.


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