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“Some say I am an old soul in a youthful body. I love retro and old school: especially the 70’s Jamaican sound system culture and natural waves from the ocean. The sound waves were so raw and evoked a sensual warmth of island life as you swayed to the beat in comfortably relaxed styles. My SOUND WAVES collection is my take on that era where you could be good or a little naughty; funny or nerdy; sporty or not; saintly or sensual. We all have have our dual personas. Why choose? Enjoy both with M-SEW”.


More about the collection

Designed by M-SEW’s womenswear designer Meagan Wellman, the collection builds upon her previous CUP MATCH RUNNINGS collection with more sportswear elements in addition to references to vintage swimwear mainly seen in the tops. The collection consists almost entirely of separates, with the exception of the jumpsuit, which allows the wearer to assemble her own looks: an important feature of SOUND WAVES.This edgy collection is focused on the three C’s: casual, cool and comfort.


Using latex - commonly used for swimwear, adjustable straps and tie finishing’s make for that sporty edge to a simple piece. Other features consist of cotton French ticking – known to be used for upholstery/interiors – and white cotton open weave fabric – commonly used for cross-stitching. Modern shapes and an addition of a precisely placed original screen-printed marble pattern, M-SEW leases these classic fabrics with a new life.SOUND WAVES: casual, cool, comfort.


Photographer: Simone Lezzi

Stylist: Marina de Magalhaes

Stylist assistant: Amii McIntosh

Model: Alisha Safo

Hats by: BySju

All clothes by: M-SEW


Photographer: Pedro Pacheco

Shoot assistant: Helena Pipe

Model: Estelle Digridi

Hair: Tetsuya Kaneko

All clothes by: M-SEW

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