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The Corona Chronicles - Nick


Whilst back on island for a bit, figured to do a few Chronicles whilst here :D

First up is Nick - long time friend from highscool, he's one of the ones that kept in touch. When the Chronicles series started the frequent question of "Where's mine?" was asked - but obviously being in two different places during lockdowns, not much was going to happen.

Finally back home and when my quarantine was finished and he had some free time - "Where's mine?" was answered. "IT'S HERE!"

The Coroana Chronicles series is intended to feature those whose lives have changed as a result of the pandemic for the better. We all know it came as a shock to us all and at one point I had many of "What am I doing?" or "Where is this going?" moments that would lead to a lull. Despite this, many have picked themselves up and kept going - I mean... you kinda have to at some point. In Nick's case, he started getting into fitness and living a more healthy lifestyle along with exploring where he is with a positive mindset. Mans also managed to find love innit - lucky man. lol.

Anyway, let me not get sidetracked and start going on a tangent. Enjoy his Chronicle and the first from Bermuda!

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Underwriter/influential man


M-SEW: Where did you grow up?

NICK: Bermuda. What’s the most surprising thing you learnt about yourself during lockdown? Finding new things and experiences in Bermuda. Me and my girlfriend did a lot of nature and herb tours, tried new restaurants and had a few staycations. We recently did a beekeeping tour - got to be a beekeeper for the day!

Favourite inspirational quote during lockdown? To be honest there is no one favourite quote that readily comes to mind. I try to take from things that I read, or just general conversation I have, that I find to be positive and implement in my life.

For example, in a yoga class I participated in one time, the teacher said "lead with love" and that's something that has stuck with me as I go through my daily walk.

What new skills did you learn during lockdown? Been getting into my fitness routine a lot more. I got into running when I was living in London - I especially like running outdoors along the beach. Running in Bermuda - I mean... c'mon! Doing yoga and meditation have been added in as well to keep myself centred.

Which activity would you say is your favourite?

I'd say that they're all my favourites but if I had to choose, tennis is my favourite as I've been playing it since I was young. But they all serve a different purpose.

Where’s your favourite place to live? Favourite place to live is definitely Bermuda. I've been fortunate and blessed to live in various places around the world: New York, Canada, Spain, Italy, France and London. Each of those experiences were unique and I love learning about new cultures, meeting new friends but Bermuda will always be home for me and my absolute favourite place to live.

Who did you talk to the most during lockdown? My girlfriend. It's been nice having someone to experience all of this with.

Film: Original music by Richard Bassett and Aden Peets.

How have your lifes goals changed as a result of the pandemic if at all? They haven't really changed at all.

Where will you go - first post-lockdown trip? I love to travel. I want to go to South America, East Asia and more. I think I'll go somewhere in South America - maybe Mexico - to start as it's closer.

Favourite meme during lockdown? Not really a meme but a dance. The junebug challenege. I've been meaning to do it but SOMEONE is taking her time to meet up to get it done.

(That someone is me... oops. Busy producing Chronicles! :D )

Who’s your inspiration? My inspiraation are my parents. I'm thankful to them for their guidance, love and continued support over the years for without them, I would not be where and who I am today.


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