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Going with the flow

Little Venice, Regent's Canal... heard of them but never went. Till now, what a different view of London! The residents that live on the Canal in riverboats adorn the first half of the path with plants and oddities - quite surreal reminding me of Alice in Wonderland. Continue down the walk towards Camden Town and you’ll pass by the London Zoo.

Initially this post was going to be "deep and conceptual". Looking into the concept and symbolism of letting go metaphorically, spiritually and emotionally- the whole shebang! Even added in a prop visually showing control of self as flowers (peonies to be specific) locked in a lantern...and on and on it went.

In the end I remembered that “less is more" and to "go with the flow”. It's good to have an overall plan or direction, but if things organically take another direction for the better, sometimes it's best to just go with it.

So in a roundabout way, I ended up applying the concept to this shoot!

Look one

Jumpsuit - M-SEW Shoes - Stylists own Jewellery- models own Lantern - stylists own Flowers - Caledonian flower market

Look 2

Top and shaped hip shorts - M-SEW Shoes - stylists own Jewellery- models own

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