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The Corona Chronicles - Lezlie

Oh Lezlie... the pure jokes had with this Chronicle. It had been ages since we caught up properly and as usual it was a laugh.

Another fellow Bermudian in London, Lezlie has branched out to be a gemmologist. In our chat we discussed her experience of being a black female gemmologist - which she said is rare within the industry - and also how she got into the field.

Since the start of the lockdown, she's started a blog that features black gemmologists, jewellers and other black creatives within the jewellery industry. Check it out here -

Pour yourself a cuppa, chill and enjoy this month's Chronicle!





M-SEW: Where did you grow up?

LEZLIE: Bermudaaaaaaaa, the best end is the west end. Favourite inspirational quote during lockdown? Not really an inspirational quote person but "This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilisations heal." - Toni Morrison What’s the most surprising thing you learnt about yourself during lockdown? Apparently I was made for this, staying at home is my true calling. I'm really good at doing nothing. What’s your look for your first lockdown outing? I'm not sure but it will most likely include a sports bra. I can't seem to get back in the hang of wearing normal bras. Pun not intended.

What was your favourite book/film/song during lockdown? Music: My housemate came up with a pretty good song on the guitar which became the anthem of lockdown 1 Book: The Black Diaspora - Ronald Segal

What’s your favourite spot in your house/room/space? The shower. I'm really happy with the setup of the bathroom at the moment, nothing like an afternoon shower with the sun coming directly through the window, where the sun beams hit the steam - it's absolute magic.

Where’s your favourite place to live? Well, seeing as I've mainly lived in Bermuda and the UK, I'd have to say London, more specifically south west London.

Who did you talk to the most during lockdown? Probably my best friend, daily face-times. What artist/creator did you discover during lockdown? I found lots of black jewellers whilst working on my project, I've been lucky enough to meet some of them in person so it was nice to see the personalities behind the pieces. What plans did you have that were cancelled thanks to Rona?

I was meant to attend a wedding in Bermuda in October. No idea when that's happening now.

Part 1

Part 2

Film: Original music by Aden Peets.

Favourite meme during lockdown? There were honestly too many, the best were the December 21 conjunction memes. Still waiting for my superpowers.

What new skills did you learn during lockdown? How to build a website and self-hosting. Also picked up a couple free qualifications along the way.

Where’s your first trip post lockdown? This keeps changing, I want to go to Spain for a bit but a trip to India, Ghana or Sri Lanka is on the cards.

How have you changed during lockdown? I've probably become a bit more self-motivating (because we have to be). I think I've also become a better cook.

Who’s your inspiration? No idea, I try not to look up to certain people but I do take inspiration from my friends. Everyone has managed to tackle this year in so many unique ways which in itself is inspiring enough. My cat also inspires me to get out of bed everyday to feed her.

What’s your personal lockdown/WFH style? Elaborate robe. No bra, no pants. Tiara pending.


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