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The Corona Chronicles - Jas & Rav

For this Chronicle, we enjoyed a relaxed day out and about with the lovely couple, Jas and Rav and caught up about their time during lockdown - especially since they live apart. Read on to see what they got up to!





M-SEW: What new skills did you learn during lockdown? J:Paint by numbers!

R: I began to practice cooking a lot more and experimented with dishes, with a new signature dish of chick pea curry! Hopefully I will be able to add more to my repertoire.

Who did you talk to the most during lockdown? J: Ravvy-bf and friend Sarahjane

Where did you grow up?

Jas: Australia: rural Queensland in a Queenslander house (they are wooden and on stilts and usually have a veranda our the front) with my mum and sister

Rav: Dartford

Where’s your favourite place to live?

J: Somewhere that is close to the city and green space.

What plans did you have that you had to cancel due to Coronavirus?

J: Was meant to go and visit my family in Aus in April R: I was due to go to Barcelona in May but had to cancel my plans. I’ve avoided booking anything else in case things get locked down again, lots of horror stories at the moment of the UK closing off countries and people having to quarantine immediately. I’d rather just wait until things improve before booking anything.

Where’s your first trip post lockdown? J: Went to Scotland with my housemate

Film: Original music by Aden Peets.

Favourite meme during lockdown?

J: The tiger king memes

What artist/creator did you discover during lockdown?

J: Rediscovered my 90s youth and listed to some Ricky Martin

What’s your favourite spot in your house/room/space?

J: My arm chair in my bedroom R: The garden, especially during the warm recent spell. 

How have you changed during lockdown? 

J:Grew my hair out for the first time in years

R: I feel like I am more appreciative of nature and looking after the environment. With more time to yourself, you are able to consider your surroundings and this has meant more time in outdoor places and going for walks. It has definitely motivated me to look after our planet much better and the impact I am having on it.

What was your favourite book/film/song during lockdown? J: The One- a book based on DNA love matches

What’s your inspirational quote during lockdown? R: “Only put off tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.’ - Picasso


We hope you enjoyed the time with these two as much as we did! :)

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