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The Corona Chronicles - Jebonair

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This week we catch up with songstress Jebonair aka Janet. We met through mutual friend Shay - from last week's Chronicle - at one of her gigs in Soho, London. Not only a talented musical artist but her signature headpiece - a gold one on that night (I'd never seen it before apart from on Cher I believe) - stood out along with her infectious positive and bubbly energy.

It has been good seeing and getting to know her better - and even moreso whilst creating her Chronicle. Get to know a bit about Jebonair - continue reading her Chronicle!



Soulful songstress


M-SEW: Where did you grow up?

JEBONAIR: I grew up in Malawi and then moved to Hull in Yorkshire. 

Where’s your favourite place to live?

To be honest I don’t think I have one yet. I want to move to the countryside so I can be near nature and landscapes.  

What’s your personal lockdown/WFH style?

I wore a lot of bright coloured cycling shorts and a sports bra 

What’s your favourite spot in your house/room/space?

My bed! Love the feeling of being cosy on some plush pillows covered in a nice blanket. 

What was your favourite book/film/song during lockdown?

Book: I read 1984 (George Orwell) during lockdown. Talk about parallels with what’s happening now! The ending had me turning pages   

Song: Rattle (Live) - Elevation Worship 

Where’s your first trip post lockdown?

My mum’s 

Favourite meme during lockdown?

“Beloved Please” 

What new skills did you learn during lockdown?

I got busy creating some photography backdrops on the rooftop and had several photo shoots. It was lovely!

I also started ‘Social Sunday’s’ on my Instagram. Giving musicians tips on how to grow their page. I learnt how to use Canva. 

Film: Original music by Aden Peets.

What’s the most surprising thing you learnt about yourself during lockdown?

That I had a good routine already. 

What artist/creator did you discover during lockdown?

Channel Tres

How have you changed during lockdown? 

I gained a more positive mindset as I became closer to God and started to be more honest with him. I engaged more meaningfully on my social networks.

Who did you talk to the most during lockdown?

My boyfriend

What plans did you have that were cancelled thanks to Rona?

Bon Iver, Wembley. On my birthday 😭


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