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The Corona Chronicles - Helena

This week we catch up with London based actress Helena. We're so happy to be able to chat with her after her busy year last year touring in South Korea and doing many shows across the U.K. Check her out at and keep reading to see her full Chronicle!





M-SEW: Where did you grow up?

Helena: I feel really blessed to say that I grew up in a big city AND a paradise Island, London and Bermuda both raised me.

What was your favourite book/film/song during lockdown?

Song: Young by Da’Khari Love. It’s my 2020 anthem!

How have you changed during quarantine?

Listen, I am a completely different person lol. I’ve faced some hard truths during this crazy time, and I’ve had to face myself head on. There’s been nothing to distract me from “my stuff” and this has forced me to learn about who I am at my core, as well as unlearning something’s that have been hindering my growth. I am so different, more opinionated, stronger, resilient, determined... I’m more me, more of who I’ve been suppressing over the years. 

What new skills did you learn in lockdown?

Chillleeeee, I can bake you some rolls, do your nails, braid your hair (box braids, twists, faux locs), I (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) can RUN, and I enjoy it... 2020 is wild. 

Where’s your first trip post lockdown? 

Bermuda me please! I miss all things Bermuda, I can’t wait to get back! 

Film: Original music by Aden Peets.

What’s your look for your first lockdown outing?

Hopefully it’s a bathing suit (swimming costume) because that would mean I’m finally in paradise lol. Overall I just want to wear anything that makes me feel good, that accentuates my curves and allows me to celebrate my new love for my body!


It's great to hear the amazing things that our friends have been up to! We're here for it :)

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