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New Blue Jeans

Denim – always on trend and a staple of the average wardrobes diet. ☺

Upgrade your classic denim washes for a printed version of a classic cut – high waist flares – with M-SEW’s marble screen-printed jeans from the SOUND WAVES collection.

These jeans feature an M-SEW original marble design. The print has then been configured to a larger scale and then silk screen printed, by hand, onto the mid blue denim. A true one of a kind.

Here we’ve opted to style the SOUND WAVES flares with a high neck jumper and a classic bomber jacket. This allows the marble print to make all the statement one would need in a look to carry you through the day and even for after-work drinks.

Switch it up, show a bit of skin and pair your flares with a cropped top - in this case another jumper.

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