M-SEW embodies "Island vibes with an urban twist" and explore the contrast of island and city life creating the island in the city vibe.


Founded by Meagan S. E. Wellman in 2013 shortly after her graduation from University for the Creative Arts in Epsom. Wellman's Bermudian/Bajan roots have always had a strong influence in her works and her move to London when she was 17 inspired the philosophy and creative direction of the brand.

At M-SEW we strive for more environmental friendly fashion practices and take special attention to how our pieces impact the world around us. This ethos is also reflected in our efforts to give back to our local communities that we work with.

Our newest initiative using unsold stock and up-cycle pieces to create new garments for our clients to enjoy and also help to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Alongside this, we are currently in the process of working with surplus materials to use when working on future collections.

Keep reading on for a brief recap of M-SEW's highlights.

From M-SEW's founding, the brand has had the pleasure of showing in London, Bermuda and New York in fashions week's on both sides of the Atlantic with our Cup Match Runnings collection.

London, Soho - private members club fashion show

Bermuda Fashion Festival - Local designer show/competition. M-SEW won the grand prize to show in New York Fashion Week in the Harlem's Fashion Row showcase.

Harlems Fashion Row - New York Fashion Week

Our Sound Waves collection introduced our now signature waves print and was taken on a world tour with jazz songstress Judi Jackson. The Sound Waves collection made its way back to it's origins in Bermuda and key pieces were featured in a fashion film that was done in collaboration with an all local Bermudian team - watch series here.

Judi Jackson on stage at Gent Jazz Festival, and backstage in full M-SEW looks from the "Sound Waves" and "Cup Match Runnings" collections.

M-SEW's latest additions have been face masks that see 20% of each sale go towards selected charitable and community causes along  with unisex printed tee shirts that feature our waves print both available in our shop.

Examples of M-SEW face masks with adjustable or plain tie finish. 100% cotton, made using surplus fabric from past M-SEW collections.

A selection of the "Corona Chronicles" series featuring the M-SEW printed t-shirt collection.

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