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M-SEW was established in 2013 by Meagan S. E. Wellman. Named after Meagan herself using her initials, the fashion brand embodies her island beginnings in Bermuda and Barbados to moving to London, UK. M-SEW draws inspiration from this journey into its collections through fabric choices, design details and ensuring the comfort of each design. Focusing on interchangeability for each collection piece allows wearers to create various looks within the collections. M-SEW infuses island vibes - with laid back, relaxed styles and bold textile prints - with urban city life resulting in pieces made to be worn worldwide. The M-SEW Sound Waves collection introduced the M-SEW signature waves print that is an original print featured on the denim pieces. This adds an element of art through traditional printing techniques - from hand screen-printing to embroidery - thus creating unique, wearable art pieces.

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